musitAAtio #3 Results (2003-10-31)
  1. In loving memory of Tapsa the Squirrel by Phaser
    65.8 points
    Jury comments:
    • Moody, sad and beautiful. A great song.
    • Harmonic song, but the sample breaks the illusion - but there it is, in it's place for the story.
  2. Fatigue by Signal
    60.8 points
    Jury comments:
    • Quite.. fatigueish.
    • I didn't actually believe that it was possible to make the sample sound so nice :)
    • Nice repetitive song, the feeling of a finnish 80's tv-series' car chase, electricity in the air.
  3. Novatus buditus by Raztaman^mOODs
    53.2 points
    Jury comments:
    • Easy going lounge music.
    • A good song but the use of the sample could've been better.
    • I'm drowning in a tub. Splash in the end.
  4. toista peraessae kolmatta poskessa by aSTrAaLIkaNisteri
    51.0 points
    Jury comments:
    • Sample very well fit to the style.
    • Sample blent in well, but the song gets boring.
  5. Scattered progression by dj rudi
    48.6 points
    Jury comments:
    • Great funk.
    • Funky.
    • Cool jamming beat and sample has been embedded nicely into the background.
  6. Holointerference by Vision
    48.0 points
    Jury comments:
    • Great tune. Sample could've been used a bit more.
    • Otherwise a nice song but I was hardly able to hear the sample.
    • Quite ok music, could fit as the background music in a shopping mall nearing closing time, or to a sleeping mood -cd to advance REM-mode.
  7. Fugitive 53 Under Pursuit by Valzihjken/Fresh Lint
    41.0 points
    Jury comments:
    • Arcade game music.
    • I don't know if this is art or just plainly strange.
    • Like playing nikke knakkerton's sewer adventure game next to a broken aquarium.
  8. Eripurainen intelligenssi by Diskoteekki
    39.6 points
    Honorary mention for best usage of the given sample.
    Jury comments:
    • Very devoted to the sample.
    • Industrial. Sample a bit overused. Ends quite suddenl
    • A R T !
    • Sample well used, but song completely forgotten. Maybe just my sick imagination, but someone getting raped would sound like this.
  9. Granted a Pillow by DanceTomatoTree
    39.0 points
    Jury comments:
    • Interesting sounds and funny adaptation of the sample.
    • Strange but fun melodies and drums..
    • Cute song. Could fit well as a background for some c64 platform game.
  10. kauhistunut popkorninkeittaejae by mck
    37.2 points
    Jury comments:
    • Surprising, great usage of the sample! Good sounds.
    • A great sudden change of mood in this song!
    • The sample fits great to the theme of the song. Without knowing the name, the song reminds of a electric modern bagpipe. Funny.
  11. Basik Klishee by NegativePixel
    28.4 points
    Jury comments:
    • Ejayish music. Sample copypasted to the beginning.
    • Quite annoying stereo image in this quite annoying song.
    • Nice as a background for a german learning program, but the song remains too silent.

General comments from jury:

  • Nice variety of songs in style of using the required sample.
  • Using the sample as like a first line indent is not very innovative. Some of the songs just buried the sample underneath everything else. I liked the tunes which told a story which was obviously based to the sample.
  • This compo actually managed to surprise me in a very positive way. There were lots of entries of which most were actually quite good.

This sample was required to be used in the contributions.

The method for counting the points was as follows: Votes were given on a scale from 1 to 10 points. Jury was asked to give two scores for each song: one representing how good the song itself is and other representing how well the given sample was used in the song. These two scores were weighted to the final score with 60% from the song score and 40% from the sample score. If the tune was made by a jury member then the vote from that jury member was excluded and average points of other votes for that tune was used instead.

musitAAtio #2 Results (2001-11-21)

Here are the detailed results with comments from the jury and the theme image author st Rana.
  1. Bye, and Thanks for All the Fish by Phaser
    73.1 points
    • Jury comments: Made with excellence. Easy-going night jazz with a true feeling. Whale samples well faded to the background. Could be looped for hours. More variance in drum samples could add some touch.
    • Image author comments: Nice whaley feeling but it doesn't reflect the cheerful show going on in the picture.
  2. analog-whale kebab by crud
    60.6 points
    • Jury comments: The lead instrument imitates whales well. Song is well constructed and instruments are very classy. Could adapt the theme a bit more.
    • Image author comments: First it brings to one's mind something underwater but not exactly whales. And towards the end it breaks also that feeling.
  3. Valaat hallitsevat massallaan by JDruid / turbiini
    55.0 points
    • Jury comments: Groovy. Scattered construction, good main sample, whaly.
    • Image author comments: Feels like a real big band of humpback whales having show going on! This and tArzAn's songs reflects the picture's show best.
  4. Russian Whales Glow in Dark by RAllivaIhDE
    53.7 points
    • Jury comments: Mood perfectly adapted to the theme. Submarine sonar adds a good flavour. Too much reverb throughout the whole track.
    • Image author comments: Nicely whaley and underwaterly but too techno and industrial.
  5. Eek, si Sala Voh CE! by tArzAn
    52.6 points
    • Jury comments: Monkey Island's steel drums meet the demoscene. Controlled melody with an unfinished feeling. Two minutes longer structure could have been better. Nevertheless, the beginning had a good effect. Resembles a platform game background (in which one evades whales).
    • Image author comments: Also in this tune the show is really cheerful and the trumpets sound like air howling through strips of whalebone.
  6. Whales are scary by Vhiuula
    50.0 points
    • Jury comments: Searches well for choral feeling through speech samples. Begins with a nice oldskool-transponing. A very poor drum loop.
    • Image author comments: Follows it's own theme more than the theme of the picture.
  7. Kirjakaupan tili by Stonda
    27.0 points
    • Jury comments: A nice 'koneisto' feeling, well fitted to the theme. Too self-repetitive, increasingly lacks ideas towards the end. Samples ok.
    • Image author comments: Where are the whales? Doesn't fit to the theme at all.
Whale Choir
musitAAtio #2 Theme Image: Whale Choir by st Rana

The method for counting the points was as follows: Votes were given on a scale from 0 to 10 points. If the tune was made by a jury member then the vote from that jury member was excluded and average points of other votes for that tune was used instead.

musitAAtio #1 Results (2001-03-31)

1. (45 points) kArpo - Linked List
2. (34 points) Private Asylum - Retrospective DJ Floyd Remix
3. (22 points) Vhiiula - Atari's Song
4. (13 points) tArzAn - Kiertolaiskalkkimuodostuma
5. (6 points) Jobe - TDAGRoP

The method for counting the points was as follows: Votes were given on a scale from 0 to 6. Sum of votes is divided by number of votes and multiplied by ten. If the piece was made by a jury member then vote for that jury member was excluded.